Whether you are a Working Person, a House Maker or a Student…. Your search for Effective Coaching Ends here!!

Spoken English & Personality Development

Duration :2 Months( For Weak Students It May Increase Without Any Extra Charge)

Sessions :Mon To Friday 90 Minutes ( Saturday : Remadial Sessions)

Faculties:Mr. Ashish Bhatt And Mrs. Pragna Bhatt (Founders Of The Institute)

Our course empowers you to use English as effectively as your mother tongue. Then you decide how and where you would like to use it.

Speak, Talk, Discuss, Argue, Convince, anything… but in English!!

Correct Language (Written Communication)

Present your ideas effectively with Extra ordinary skills to construct smallest to most complex sentences with absolute clarity and decency.

Presentation Skills (Verbal Communication)

Speak fluently in English with tremendous confidence that I am always correct in the language. Remove stage fear and develop correct body language by performing various activities on the stage.

Be a quick learner ( Reading Skills)

Develop ability To Read with Double speed and understand the mails and Other written Communication Without Any Confusion . Pursue Further Educaation or Training with Excellent Reading Skills and Get Success

Bring English in your routine life (Social gatherings and Meeting with teachers)

Develop ability to read with double speed and understand the mails and other written communication without any confusion. Pursue further education or training with excellent reading skills and get success.

Help your child to be smart (Providing English environment and helping in studies)

Get conceptual clarity in such a way that you can help your kid in studies and also teach how to speak in English. Create English environment at home for your kid by communicating naturally in English at home.

Open window to the world ( Update yourself and be with the time)

Develop so much effective reading skills that you can read English News Papers or magazines effortlessly and improve vocabulary without the help of dictionary. Having improved English you can take up further courses in various fields and also take up a nice job if desire

Make your higher studies stressless (No pressure of English Medium college)

Take your proficiency in English to a level that; your efficiency will be the same whether you study in English medium or in your mother tongue.

With the help of effective reading techniques and enhanced writing skills you would be able to prepare any subject in half the time than required otherwise.

Developed communication skills in English will help you to understand lectures easily and also your interaction with the professors will be frequent and meaningful.

Be a bright student (Enjoy your life at college)

Your fluency in speaking English and confidence to interact with others will help you make good friend circle. Not only this; number of stage performances done at Turning Point will help you give presentations with great ease and also you will be able to participate in various elocution competitions and debates held in college. Your college life will be truly meaningful and memorable

Plan for future

Your enhanced confidence and mastery over English will lessen your burden of college studies and motivate you to prepare for competitive exam for higher education. Your broadened vision will help you to set higher goal for your career.


The Methodology

We promise you that the way you will learn English with us is incomparable to any other experience you have had.

Structure of English

(Why can’t we speak in English in spite of being taught in school and college?)

In School, college and grammar books; English is taught as a bunch of dry & scattered rules disconnected from one another; so we get confused among the rules only and using them for our expression is far away from reality. (The teaching method which will make you perfect in no time) (70% time of 1st month and 30% time of the second month) You will be learning English in a completely different way with us. While learning English with Mr. Ashish Bhatt, you would find English language very well structured and interesting.

The medium of instruction is Guajarati or Hindi and method of teaching is extremely practical and participative; in which students march ahead from simple to advance

With the progress in the course you will realize that entire grammar structure of English (all tenses, model auxiliaries, active/passive/directive sentences, negatives, interrogative sentences etc) follow hardly 4 to 5 most simple rules.

The Outcome

Clarity and confidence

Due to practice of speaking thousands of sentences using variety of grammar and sentence structures with various vocabulary, students get rid of hesitation of speaking in English and also get confident about their grammar and pronunciations.

From very simple sentence to long and complicated sentence you would find same rules playing role and so you would be able to express yourself very effectively whether in verbal or written manner. With the help of presence of mind and flow of thouhts in enlgish you would be able to participate in variety of speaking activities which will result in excellent fluency in English and confidence to present your self in any situation effectively.

Reading and Writing skills

A series of reading comprehension and stories gradually develop students? sharpness in reading and later special technique is taught to read news papers and magazines (with complicated long sentence with unknown vocabulary) in a way that they can make it part of their life style.

For developing writing skills a special care is taken from the beginning of the course. In the beginning as a part of home work students have to create separate sentences and gradually they are supposed checked in the institute and returned with correction and guidance for improvement.

As a result, students develop very effective reading and writting skills in English. They perform in English as comfortably as in their mother tongue. The goal is getting independence in the matter of English.

Personality Development

Personality Development is carefully blended with Spoken English Course.

Outer Personality

Students? body language, confidence level, presentation skills, etc are developed practically during variety of speaking activities. All students get lots of opportunity to perform in front of others, face people, respond their questions, give speeches from the stage and give presentations with projector etc. These activities build up their potential and whenever they have to face any situation they are confident and relax.

Inner Personality

Our knowledge and way of thinking govern our inner personality which shapes our goals, relationships, decision making and other vital aspects of life in a profound way. Saturday sessions are for this purpose. Issues related to economy, politics, war fares at national and international level are discussed in seminars. Work-shops on Self-development take student deep in to the philosophy of life. These workshops are highly inspirational and motivational which deal with true happiness inour life. They are based on the wisdom evolved during the journey of mankind in to the realm of spirituality. Few of the sources for that are: Bhagvad Gita, Upnishads, Shankaracharya, Patanjali, Swami Vivekanand Works of Dipak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne and many others.

Free your self and fly, Sky is the limit !!