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Coaching Method
Out Of The Box Coaching Method
Learn in the Way never Experienced before

Highly interactive and practical method will help you to create your own sentence structures with amazing clarity in Grammar and other aspects. You are going to speak thousands of sentences during the grammar sessions which are asked to you in Hindi/Gujarati for every grammar point being taught. During this; step by step we connect all the structures with logic and visualization in such a way that you will find out that each & every sentence is formed by using basic 4 to 5 rules only!! In this process your smallest errors will be rectified and you will develop presence of mind to use simplest to most complex structures for expressing yourself with the confidence that your grammar is always correct. This will help you in participating in variety of speaking activities with confidence and get true fluency in English.

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Out Of The Box Coaching Method
Learn in the Way never Experienced before

3inR>g po{N3ma> qUb j interactive Ane practical p@2it4I English w`avvama> Aave 0e. tenI mdd4I tme g/amr tem j bIja pasaAoma> s>pU`R smj sa4e vaKyonI rcna krI xkxo. g/amr sexNs drMyan; je g/amrno mudo w`avvama> Aavxe teno ]pyog krI ne bolI xkay teva Anek vaKyo tmne gujratI A4va hINdIma> pU0vama> Aavxe je tmare mo3e4I English ma> bolvana hoy 0e je4I English ma> bolvano s>koc dUr 4[ jxe temj ]Ccaro su2rxe. Aa ]pra>t,Ame drek vaKy-rcna tem j iviv2 g/amrna concepts ne logic Ane visualization 4I AevI rIte sa>k5Ine w`avIAe 0IAe ke tmne Qyal Aavxe ke Engish ma> p/Tyek vaKy-rcna mat/ car 4I pa>c inymo4I bne 0e!!

g/amr leKcsRma> Jyare tme Anek vaKyo bolta> hov 0e Tyare tmarI nana ma> nanI wUl p` su2arvama> Aave 0e.Ane tmarI Englihs ma> ivcarvanI 9mta ivksxe te4I tme shela ma> shela4I l[ne ATy>t j3Il vaKy-rcnaAono potana ivcaro VyKt krva ma3e ]pyog krI xkxo Ane tmne AaTmiv&vas hxe ke tmarI vaKy rcna g/amrnI dg AeiK3vI3I ma> wag l[ xkxo Ane English ma> fluency me5vxo.

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Speaking Activity
Speak Fluently as Effectively as in your Mother Tongue

With every passing grammar lecture you will find improvement in speaking English, which will be strengthened by various speaking activities like Public Speaking, Role-Plays, Group Discussions, Debates, Presentations, small Dramas and more… All of these activities are spontaneous and highly interactive. The formats of the activities are designed in such a way that gradually it becomes more interesting and challenging with the time and improvement in your speaking skills. You will be performing from the stage again and again. Your body language, presentation skills, confidence level etc. will be improved in this phase. Having got rid of stage fear, you will be able to communicate in English with any one in any situation fluently and effectively.

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a with exampleVideo

Speak Fluently as Effectively as in your Mother Tongue

drek g/amr leKcrnI sa4e tmne tmarI English bolvnI AavDtma> su2aro deqaxe Ane iviv2 p/karnI speaking activities jem ke Public Speaking, Role-plays, Group Discussions, Debates, Presentations, small Dramas vgere.. ne lI2e te v2u mjbUt 4xe.

b2I j AeiK3vI3Iz spontaneous Ane highly interactive hoy 0e. Aa activities nI format AevI rIte bnavelI hoy 0e ke jem kosR Aag5 v2e tem smy Ane tmarI bolvanI AavDt ma> su2ara sa4e activities v2u ne v2u interesting Ane challenging lage.tme var>var S3j pr4I prfomR krxo. tmarI body language, presentation skills, confidence level vgerema> Aa drMyan 6`u> improvement Aavxe tem j S3ej fIAr jto rhexe te4I tme kopp` prIS4Iitma> ko[ p` joDe fluency Ane Asrkarkta sa4e vat krI xkxo.

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Reading & Writing

Growing in white collar profession is not possible without excellent reading and writing skills. Specially designed modules for reading and writing will enable you to read and write as effectively as in your mother tongue. With the help of reading techniques taught by us and absolute clarity in sentence formations; you will be able to read with perfect understanding and at double speed. You will be able to make written communication very effectively as the course will enable you to present your ideas in the way you want. Whether you would like to make it precise or elaborate or articulate; you will have the knack over it. This will enhance your performance specially working at corporate level.

mo3awagna sara 9et/oma> excellent reading Ane writing skills ivna Aag5 v2vu> s>wv n4I hotu>. tmarI jrurIyatne @yanma> raqIne ka5+puvRk bnavela reading Ane writing modules nI mdd4I tme potanI matUwa8a je3lI Asrkark rIte English va ke5velI AjoD smj Ane Ame xIqvelI reading techniques ne lI2e tme pUre-pUrI smj` sa4e temj Dbl zDp4I k>[p` va>cn krI xkxo,

kosR drMyan xIqelI vaKy – rcnaAo joDe rmI xkvanI AavDtne lI2e tme Asrkark rIte written communication krI xkxo. tme potana ivcaro s>9IPtma> rju krva ma>go ke ivStar pUvRk ke p0I Al>karIk rIte; tmarI pase te ma3e AavDt hxe.tmarI corporate level pr kam krvanI 9mta 6`I v2I jxe.

Personal Support
No Matter What !! We are There You Will Achieve Your goal !

When you join our institute you become a part of Turning Point Family. We make sure that each and every student gets the desired result. We are continuously monitoring the performance of all the students through various parameters and if required we provide personal support to the weak students. If you miss any lecture then also our team is at your help to cover up what you had missed. The goal for which you have joined must be achieved. The only condition for our support is that you have to be regular and do the home work regularly which is of around 30 minutes.

No Matter What !! We are There You Will Achieve Your goal !

Turning Point Institute ma joDa[ne tme Turning point family na Aek mhTvna sWy bnI jav 0o. Ame pUrI tkedarI l[Ae 0IAe ke dreke drek S3uDN3 Ape9It prI`am me5ve. Ame smg/ kosR drMyan iviv2 pasaAo mujb p/Tyek S3uDN3nu> prfomRNs stt ckasIAe 0IAe Ane jo jrurI lage to Ame jemnu> prfomRNs saru na hoy teva S3uDN3ne psRnl spo3R AapIAe 0IAe. jo tme ko[ vqte leKcr Ae3ND na krI xko to AmarI 3Im tmne te kvr krvama> mdd krxe kar` ke tme je @yey sa4e AmarI sa4e joDav 0o te p/aPt 4vu> j jo[Ae. Amara b2I j jatna spo3R ma3e Aekmat/ xrt 0e ke tme ]Tsah sa4e inyimt p`e leKcsR Aee3eND kro Ane drek leKcrma> Aapvama> Aavtu> lgwg AD2o klaknu> homvkR kro.

Get Perfection & Fluency in English

Your Journey with us will be Full of Joy and Memories !!


“The institute is really a turning point of my life. Before Turning Point, I literally hated English as a language. But Ashish sir made me fall in love with it in such a way that I did not even force myself little bit to learn it and it just started flowing. I followed every instruction from sir and that`s it. Even if one is not preparing for any exam, he/she must go there. It totally worth your time and you would actually feel that you did something different and utilized your time. Today only because of the institute, I love to read, speak and write in English. Now, I do not hesitate to speak in front of any number of group. All thanks to Turning Point, Ashish sir and friends who suggested “

Shraddha Vekaria

“My English was not poor when I joined TP. But i was not able to speak fluently with confidence because of hesitation and fear of speaking wrong. But now due to out of the box coaching method in Turning Point I am fully confident that my grammar is absolutely correct. Also lots of speaking activities like Group Discussions, Debates, speeches and lot more which we performed on the stage has helped me get rid of my hesitation and stage fear. Also my reading and writing skills have improved a lot. My transition from Gujarati Medium school to English Medium college has been completely stress less. As i am able to read and comprehend the concepts from English books just like Gujarati. Strongly rec”

Dr. Viraj Jantiya

“Hi friends, i would like to share my extra ordinary experience with Turning Point. This is the right place which you can trust blindly. I feel that my valuable time spent in here is used in a very very productive way. The teaching style is amazing. It`s an effortless learning. you would be able to develop fluency, clarity in language and confidence without mugging up any boring rules or definitions. It`s simply unique. Thanks for everything.”

Dipal Joshi

“This institute is amazing place for those people who are not believing in themselves.. When you are joining here you feel you are at the best and exact place which you were searching for fluency in English..In the last I would like to say one word for this institute.. Final destination for spoken English”

Aruna Roghelia

“I strongly recommend Turning Point for spoken English. The biggest plus point here is that the owners are the teachers. The way Mr.Ashish Bhatt and Mrs.Pragna Bhatt are teaching is exceptionally good. Thanks for everything.”

Urvil Shah

“The words are not enough to express my experience at Turning Point. Ashish sir is the best teacher ever I met. I will definitely miss Ashish sir and my golden days at Turning Point.”


“Before the joining I had lots of confusion in grammar I could not understand easiest structures but after learning I realized that there are few rules in whole grammar and using those rules now I am much more comfortable in speaking, reading and writing. I really thanks to Ashish Sir, Pragna Mam and team of turning point institute without their 100% effort I could not achieve my goal. Their teaching style is totally different than other, more than 90% we are doing speaking practice in the class. Thank you very much once again for changing my life.”

Manash Gogoi

“Hats off Turning Point Institute for using such pedagogy to teach us..truly marvellous… Anyone can be able to get fluency, clarity, confidence in English speaking, reading, writing through this institute if he has the desire..normally I don’t post comment easily until I feel from my heart..but this time I can’t to review on this..awsome work Ashish Sir..for students or people like us who studied in Hindi or their respective languages, this institute is the perfect place to transform themselves..u can go blindly to this institute..I hope that in every places there should be a turning point institute..because the teaching methodology is unmatchable to other such type of institutes.. Finally again whole heartely thanks to turning point family.”

Devang Sharma                                                                                                                                                                      I am very glad to write my review today. Turning Point is the best Spoken English Institute. Ashish Sir is heart and Pragna Ma’am is the heart beat of the institute. The way Ashish Sir teaches grammar is unique and different. Entire course is based on few simple rules and hence anyone can easily understand the structures and grammar. The technique of asking us sentence in Hindi / Gujarati and then helping us to speak in English by creating the entire structure with visualization and logic helps us to get great clarity in grammar. The course material having practice sentences and RC for each topic is amazing. Pragna ma’am conducts various activities which help us to build confidence, remove stage fear, improve fluency and develop personality. The atmosphere in the class is nice and comfortable. I highly recommend this institute to all my friends and family members who want to speak English fluently and develop personality. Thank you so much Turning Point, Ashish Sir and Pragna ma’am. 


Feel like home in Turning Point


Reading Room

You can come any time from 8 am to 8 pm for extra practice with the help of vast material provided to you. A separate study room is there with adequate facilities and our assistant teachers will help you if you need.



Our library is equipped with numerous books and reading materials on variety of subjects. You can spend your quality time in reading room and enhance your reading skills and knowledge. Also you can do extra speaking practice with your batch mates in here.



Once you join us you become important part of Turning Point Family for the whole life. You can avail our support for appearing in job interviews or for queries in any other communication related issue.

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Know our Faculties.. The founders of the Institute

Mr. Ashish Bhatt

Is The Founder And The Core Faculty Of The Institute. His Energetic And Jolly Method Of Teaching English Helps The Students To Grasp Even The Most Complicated Concepts Of English Very Easily. In No Time Students…

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Mrs. Pragna Bhatt

Is The Soul Of Turning Point Institute As She Has Nurtured Institute With A Great Care And Being Benevolent By Heart She Makes Sure That No Matter What, Every Student Gets Full Support From Us And Achieve Their Goal.

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